Saturday, 26 February 2011

Awesome quotes

Here are some awesome quotes, hope you like them ^.^

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Awesome motivationals

These are some motivationals i found around the internet. I love motivationals it always makes me think about life how i should live it it really motivates me, that´s why i wanted to share it wih everyone keep reading my blog because i will be posting more of this awesome shit! :D

Friday, 18 February 2011

Real life Need For Speed

I love playing need for speed it's one of my favourite games just racing around, playing with the cops, ilove it!. So i stumbled upon this video it's a Corvette vs Honda NSX racing around in stockholm. It takes a while when the cops show up but the fun thing is the Corvette and NSX drivers are just playing with them you can see that they even whait for the cops to keep up with them. The poor guy don't even had a change against those two, also the strange thing is that it was only one copcar he didn't even had any backup roadblock or anything. I sure want to try that out once in my life!

The future of mobile phones

Helle everybody this will be my first post hope you like it!

So for this class called business communication i have to do a presentation with a classmate about a product that we think we can sell it could be any product even a made up one. So i remembered I saw a video once about the Mozilla Seabird i thought it was awesome! A mobilephone with a projector on it, if it existed i would definitely buy it. So that's why we decided doing the presentation about the Mozilla Seabird.

So what do you think about this phone would you buy it, if it existed?